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Today's luxury is creating  personal, harmonious spaces that connect us with the beauty of nature and to one another.  


It's about respecting our environment and designing with a thoughtful legacy that has timeless appeal.

It's about  helping create a personal sanctuary that is your tranquil, feel good space.




Some of our guiding principals are:

Individuality: We design with your needs and budget in mind. 

Creative Solutions: Pragmatism + 360 degree thinking is our mantra.

Good design is a process: There are clearly identified phases and deliverables. 

Budget: Your  budget allocation is respected and carefully managed to optimize your desired outcome.

Enjoyment: Design is a fun journey of discovery. Along the way, you'll discover an exciting world of new aesthetics - from collecting art and vintage finds to enjoying the work of talented artisans who help us customize pieces to personalize your home.




Sue-Anne has worked in the San Francisco Bay area for the past seven years after living and working in Australia, France and Los Angeles. Her work is influenced by this global journey and she uses many resources from around the world to create her client's unique homes.

She believes our surroundings have a profound effect on our daily wellbeing and that in beautiful, comfortable, well organized spaces; we are better able to perform at work and relax and have fun at home.

Creating interiors that are warm and inviting, sophisticated, yet laid back is something she loves to do.

Sue-Anne holds a Master of Interior Architecture from UCLA and CalPoly.


With an international background in the hi-tech industry and a degree in computer science, plus impeccable interior design credentials; senior designer Ladan Chamine adds another interesting global mix to the team. 

 A passionate and detail orientated designer, Ladan is skilled in all phases of  the design process; from design development, space planning and furniture selection to specification and overseeing construction and installation.  

She has worked with top Interior Designers and Architects in the Bay Area  across various projects from single family home to multi-use apartment buildings.

Ladan holds a Master degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Vienna and a degree from UC Berkeley's Interior Architecture and Design Program. 

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Sue-Anne Wilkinson Brochier in San Francisco, CA on Houzz