Idan Izhaki


      In July 2020 I purchased my first condo in the panhandle in San Francisco after returning from the UK. With a deep appreciation for beautifully designed homes, I was eager to begin this process and create my dream home. There was only one hitch - I had no idea where to start. I lacked the knowledge on how to elegantly utilize a smaller space and more importantly, how to budget for it. Lucky for me - my real estate agent recommended Sue-Anne and from then on, I was in good hands. She skillfully mitigated what could have been a stressful process. Sue-Anne’s reputation preceded her and she did not disappoint. Not only did she help me achieve my dream home aesthetic, but she was also able to do this at a practical price. I trusted her instincts and granted her free reign when it came to executing major creative design decisions. As part of our initial discussions, we agreed on a multi-tiered approach with my budget in mind. First, we renovated the (dark and outdated) bathroom, replaced the floors, and purchased essential furniture. The next tier included more furniture in the guest room and other parts of the condo (curtains, blinds, lamps, etc). She implemented fixtures and lights that elevated the space and created a luxurious atmosphere. The last tier focused on replacing the kitchen countertop, adding a barn door, and upgrading the patio. This major revamp required choosing the right furniture, finding the right contractors, choosing tiles and hardware, and coordinating the work with them. Working full time doing all of that alone would have been very time-consuming, and I highly appreciate Sue-Anne’s time owning that. The overall end result is great. My friends and family love coming over, and I love and feel proud hosting them at my new place. Sue-Anne is like family to me at this point. She is such a genuine and comfortable person to be around. She is incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful, and yet never made me feel inferior in regards to my questions, budget, or suggestions. She did a wonderful job at understanding what I was looking for in a home and executed it beautifully. I feel grateful to have her on my team and would not have been able to do this without her. Sue-Anne is currently based in San Francisco and was always available to come whenever needed. She offers different design hour packages that accommodate specific needs, budgets, and degrees of desire to be actively involved in the process you may have. I am using her for everything from interior design to patio furniture, to weighing in on landscaping. Once we finish the last phase of the remodel, I'll update this review with more pictures of the before and after, but for now, please take a look at the results so far.

Kaitlin Solomine


         Sue-Anne is the most creative, diligent, and thoughtful designer I've engaged with. Her work always takes her clients needs and desires into account - from budget to decor to execution. She has an impressive range in her resume, including corporate and individual clients. Her timeless choices also mean that she brings a sophistication and elegance to every job.

Robin Strandberg
Construction Economics, Inc.

             Sue-Anne Wilkinson has worked with me over the years on a number of complicated projects, with short turn-around times and challenging clients. Whenever I introduce her to a client, the project always runs more smoothly. She is extremely patient and insightful. She spends time getting to know my client which allows her to present well researched materials and furniture. No matter the size or complexity of the project, her presentations are always the same high caliber. She presents detailed plan-view drawings, perspectives and color/sample boards, providing cost alternatives and delivery schedules. As a construction manager to high net worth clients, she always makes me feel confident about having her on our team. Sue-Anne spends so much of her time at design industry events which I can't get to. This allows her to present FF&E that I don't see on other projects. My clients appreciate her critical eye. I appreciate her ability to temper the enthusiasm that the team may have for materials which are in conflict with our over-all design. Too much can be too much, and she has a way of guiding our projects back to a cohesive presentation that still reflects our client's unique style and perspective.

Phyllis Dobbs

          We hired Sue Anne Wilkinson to design our new home. We could not have been more pleased with the level of attentiveness. Sue Anne has excellent taste in furnishings and accessories and is adept at blending styles to create a truly unique space that will fit your lifestyle. Everyone who sees our home is amazed at how she was able to turn empty rooms into such a sophisticated, but comfortable, home.





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