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Designer Icons

Chatting with a prospective client the other day, the question of who inspires my designs came up.

Well, that is a really big question as I am inspired by so many great designers past and present, it's hard to name just a few - so thought it might be an interesting conversation to begin WBI's first blog post.

I am drawn to the legendary Billy Haines for his easy elegance and ability to provide glamorous rooms that are not stitched up but comfortable and memorable at the same time.

He designed furniture and rooms that made his clients look good in them! Hence his famous hostess chairs that were designed to make a woman look fabulous whilst chatting with guests! No wonder half of Hollywood clamored for his services.

Syrie Maugham is another design icon for me. Designing the first all shades of white room amidst the fussy Victorian mode of the time; Syrie set the design world on fire back in the late 20’s. Although a minimalist at heart, she rocked glamor and layered textures and mirrors like no other! And as you can see by this photo the design is still remarkably modern with velvet sofas, textured rug and fabulous Jean Micheal Frank shagreen coffee table.

But I do find myself returning for inspiration to French designer Pierre Yovanovitch. His clean, sophisticated spaces are so thought through and always have a whimsical twist and fabulous art that sets them apart. Definitely a style signature I aspire to! And am mad for his bespoke furniture, those Teddy bear chairs, below are to die for.

I would love to hear about who inspires you?


*Class Act William Haines by Peter Schifando and Jean H. Mathison



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Sue-Anne Wilkinson Brochier in San Francisco, CA on Houzz