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Simple, Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover

I’m often asked how to quickly update a kitchen or bathroom either from a real estate agent who wants to help their client maximize their sale price; or a client who's just purchased a new residence and we need to make them comfortable before the big renovation begins.

So thought I’d share this budget friendly makeover we just completed for our busy clients who have a young family. Whilst we work on the plans for renovating their whole house, nearly a two year project; they realized in the meantime life is too short to endure a dated kitchen!

The before and after pictures tell the story.


1. Ditch the clutter! We all hang onto things that are no longer useful and are space hogs. Reduce, recycle and re-organize your storage space.

2. Choose a new color scheme that complements (E) items that must remain and the palette of surrounding rooms. In this case, the dated granite countertop and back splash had to stay as they’re being ripped out in two years time.

3. Determine if the appliances need replacing or upgrading.

4. Change out hardware – this really changes the mood of a dated kitchen.

5. Refinish the floors or if not affordable put down a fabulous rug to cover. In this case we used an indoor outdoor rug that can be hosed down to clean.

6. Change the lighting. This is a big game changer and here we splurged by choosing vintage lights that the homeowners will incorporate into their final renovation.

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Sue-Anne Wilkinson Brochier in San Francisco, CA on Houzz